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July 7, 2022

E79: Jennifer Lynn Marquis and Jayden Yarbrough | Operation Sam

Jennifer Lynn Marquis and her son Jayden are here to talk about how they are raising money for six year old Sam, Jennifer's son and Jayden's brother. They have raised about $3,000 so far and need $18,000 in order to get the bone conduction hearing aids since Sam has Chromosone 18Q deletion, which caused his ear canals to not form and also resulted in him having clubfoot and developmental delays. You can donate to the cause on Venmo @OperationSam or CashApp $OperationSam or you can stop by Heart of the Hills Farmers Market at Riverhills Mall Saturday Mornings for lemonade by donation which goes towards Sam's Hearing Aids. You can contact Jennifer at 830-285-0213 for more information or if you would like to help!