Oct. 11, 2020

E1: Scott Thibodeaux | Wahoo Seafood

E1: Scott Thibodeaux | Wahoo Seafood

Mike Taylor and John Barrera sit down with Scott Thibodeaux of Wahoo Seafood and talk about Scott's story, how Wahoo Seafood is managing through the COVID-19 pandemic, and the future plans for Wahoo Seafood. 

John Berrara has a power washing business and a virtual tour business called Go There Virtual Tours. 

Mike does a radio show on 99.1 Mike FM and is a marketing strategist with Jam Broadcasting. 

If you're looking to get your business out to a lot of people, Jam Broadcasting can help. There are three great radio stations that reach a lot of people in the Hill Country. Call 830-896-1230 to start reaching a lot of people in short amount of time. Podcast recorded in the 99.1 Mike FM studio. Thanks for Jam Broadcasting for letting us use this studio.